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Renew-Crete® Liquid Co-Polymer

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We manufacture and private label Polymers and Co-polymers for many companies in this industry, it's a good chance you have used one of our products before with another name on it.


Renew-Crete® Co-Polymer Data:

A 50% solids Co-Polymer solution designed for all aspects of concrete restoration, and overlay applications. 



5 gal pails

55 gal Drums

275 gal Tote Bins


Coverage rates per 5 gal pail::    

2000 sq. ft. spray finish

1400 sq. ft. @ 1/16"

1000 sq. ft. for Bond Coat

700 sq. ft. @ 1/8"

350 sq. ft. @ 1/4"

260 sq. ft. @ 3/8"

175 sq. ft. @ 1/2"


  • Performs better overall than other polymers, including but not limited to: Acrylic, polyvinyl acetate, silicone, styrene, hybrid co-polymers, and acrylic/vinyl acetate.

  • Concentrated for reduced shipping costs.

  • Provides superior bonding strength.

  • Superior water resistance, flexural and tensile strengths.

  • Extended pot life.

  • Wider range of surface applications.


  • Modifier for thin surface repairs and resurfacing.

  • Modifier for thin Stamped Overlays, Spray-Texture, Spray Knockdown, Trowel, stencil patterned overlays, broom finishes, stucco, grout, patching and leveling and more.

  • Cement modifier for repair and patching.

  • Cement modifier for pitching and re-leveling.

  • Modifier for underlayments.

  • As a bonding agent for bonding new concrete to old concrete.

  • Modifier for mortars, tile grouts, stucco and plaster.


Do Not Allow to Freeze!

Physical Data:

Boiling Range (FAHR): Greater Than 212 F

Vapor Density: As Water

Evaporation Rate: As Water

Product Type: Stable

% Volatile by Weight: 45

Pounds per Gallon: 9.1

Physical Form & Odor: Light Gray Liquid / Slight Odor

Fire & Explosion Hazard Data:

Flash Point (TCC, F.) 199 Degrees Fahrenheit

Extinguishing Media: Water, CO2, Dry Chemical, or Sand

Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards: None

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Fire Fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus to avoid inhalation of smoke or vapors.

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